Painting my bathroom-Day 06: The tree


Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I didn’t realize how much work painting a tree could be. And I haven’t even started on the wall yet!! So far it’s just sketching on my sketch pad. I have a good idea of what I want, but I keep finding new things and ideas that just pop into my head before I’ve even finished my first idea.

 This is just two different trees. I’m trying to figure out if I want the tree to be a few wavy branches, roots, with a lot of detail. Or if I want the more straight up way where the roots don’t matter as much, and the focus is more on the leaves then the actually detail the of the tree.

 I want to add a few animals to the background as well. I was thinking of  a owl but I didn’t realize they were a lot harder to draw then I thought.

Leaves and a bad butterfly lol

I also started painting it on the paper. I’ve never really painted before so I knew I did not want to just throw paint up on the wall and get way over my head before I could control it. I’m having a little bit of problems blending the colors and making it look realistic. I working on it though and I hope I can master it soon enough.

I write little notes on the side so I remember 🙂










Here are some pictures of all my decore in my bathroom. The colors go GREAT with the green walls. I’ll keep posting! 🙂











Painting My Bathroom: Day 04- Step one is complete :D


Behind the door, on this wall, is where I will be painting the tree

That’s right! Step one, painting the entire thing green, is complete. The whole room is covered in the Candy Green Apple green I picked out. It is a very very bright color, and if you open the door when you walk in it’ll take few moments to focus your eyes on it. I love it.

Every room in the house is beige, except for the kitchen (which is white appliances and wood walls) so it is really nice to have a little color somewhere. Everyone who has seen it loves it, even if they poke fun at the color a little bit.

Painting it, however, was just a little bit harder thenI predicted. My arms were very sore for a few days, which caused the leap in dates tehe. Breaks were a must 😉

Although it looks grey, my tiles on the floor are actually baby blue. It picks up the green well

All and All though, it really wasn’t too much of a hassle, it was a lot of fun. I’m sure I will be painting more rooms in the future 🙂

I’m going to put my towels, and all my girly items (especially my zebra print) back into the room before the tree, since I only need a small section and I will be using much smaller brushes. I post pictures of all the different colors of the items with the green.

I’m already sketching out the tree on my sketch pad and hope to put more pictures up of that.

Ill keep posting 🙂

Window, I love the white outlining

Sink, mirror, towel holder..which I would like to wrap the tree branches around

Painting My Bathroom: Day 02-It’s Going..


I have taped off the walls, windows, door, and mirror and began my painting. 🙂 I didn’t realize how much upper arm strength it takes to paint a wall haha but it’s going. The color is extremely bright so far, and I haven’t decided if I really like it just yet. I men, it is what I would imagine it would look like; however it’s a bit to bright for my eyes. Oh well, I am determined to stick it through, I know I can get it there and make it exactly how I want it to look.

The next step to sketching out the tree I will paint behind the door. I will start that within a few days, once I finish painting and it dries. I’ll keep posting 😀

Painting My Bathroom:Day 01- Still Smilin’ :)


Weeks ago I decided I wanted to paint my new bathroom, which is a half bath connected to Billy and I’s master bedroom that I have decided is mine. It is a small beige room with a white sink and white toilet, it also has a baby blue tile flooring that gets confused for grey. Blah. Boring.

I want to color up my bathroom!! I already have a zebra print theme, followed by my hot pink towels so I am going to run with it. Currently my favorite color has been bright green, so what a perfect color to paint it! I am going with lime green walls (don’t worry, it’s not that bright) that I am hoping will pick up and work with the baby blue tiles on the floor and the hot pink towels hanging up. The lime green is a perfect match for zebra print as well; I will think it all will work well together.

Also, In the corner behind the door I want to paint a really “artsy” tree complete with butterflies and girly sparkle. This tree is only in my head right now so I need to sketch it out on paper and then on all the wall so there will be more to come one that 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

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